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North Forsyth High School students were able to test their vocational skills when a mobile, 40-foot workshop parked outside the school’s doors.

Be Pro Be Proud Georgia, an initiative to “[revolutionize] the way people think about the skilled professions,” offered students the chance to check out numerous technical professions through “gamified simulators” on Tuesday, Aug. 30 and Wednesday, Aug. 31.

Through the augmented and virtual reality technology on the rig, students were able to get behind the wheel of a commercial truck, assemble PVC pipes, bind metal, test hand-eye coordination and analyze human anatomy.

“One of our goals at [North Forsyth High School] is to provide experiences for our students so they will be knowledgeable about all of their options after high school,” said Amy Dykes in a press release, student support coordinator at North.

Dykes said, through the program, students were able to learn “about the level of education needed and income available in various careers such as welding, healthcare technicians, engineering and robotics, plumbing and more.”

“The job market in the last few years has evolved dramatically, providing a greater need for certain skills that are under-served,” she said. “Though all students have a choice in deciding their future paths, it is important that the various choices, especially those in high demand, are based on knowledge.”

Since chatting with members of the Be Pro Be Proud Georgia team and participating in the workshop, Dykes said students “have a better understanding about the variety of opportunities available after they graduate.”

Launched in 2020, Be Pro Be Proud Georgia has hosted more than 24,000 visitors on its mobile workshop, traveling across 43 counties in the state. 

For more information about Be Pro Be Proud Georgia, visit or find them on Facebook at Be Pro Be Proud Georgia.

Source: Forsyth News